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I'm stilll not going to try amfetamin - 65%

ponyovdoom, January 30th, 2013

Svartnad is a two-piece band from Sweden. As the description here on the archives mention, major changes have happened to the band after the first demo. The main idea of the band was to create dark and depressive black metal, but with the recruitment of Alex Larsson, the band turned into a more post-rock atmosphere. Now, let’s see if that is what we get from this ep, “En Studie I Ensamhet”.

The album kicks off with “En Studie I Ensamhet”. This song has a gloomy vibe to it with acoustic guitars and spoken words. However, it changes and gets in a sort of happier mood, building up. This song can probably relate to the Alcest reference. The bass on this record is actually audible and has some nice lines here and there. The drums are programmed and not really programmed to be very special. The production could definitely be better, although this record has its own charm sort of. It’s not raw black metal at all. On this record, clean singing is also used.

The second song, “Vinterriket”, has what I would even relate to be a Viking-ish. It starts with distorted black metal guitar playing and throughout the song it’s mostly black metal vocals, even though the vocals go clean at some point and are even made as a choir.

Like any other Swedish band in this genre, there is a song named after a drug. Amfetamin. This is a different song. It’s slower and features soft melodies and even a piano. A woman sings with a clean voice in this track, I guess this was planned to be sort of enchanting, but I think it’s nothing special. And the vocals could actually be better. Tobbe also sings a bit in this song.

For the last track, “Monotonisk Depravering”, it begins with a piano, but is also this dark and depressing sort of song with the Alcest-vibe until a black metal part in the middle of the song.

I think overall that this is an alright ep. It’s different from other of the DSBM bands and I frankly like that since I’ve heard too much of the same, though it has also just jumped on the new wagon with shoegaze/post-rock/whatever vibe. I think there is some sort of potential for these guys to write some sharper material, but now we’ll see.