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What is this redundant bullshit? - 35%

LeTisonBrulant, January 1st, 2006

Here we have Suspyre's full-length debut, The Silvery Image. They're a prog/neo-classical band from New Jersey. I usually don't go for prog, but I heard The City Under Sands somewhere and it was fucking amazing. So, of course I got the album. Sadly, The City Under Sands is the highlight here. And by that I mean the rest of the album is uninspired, ballad-ish garbage. The listener is forced to listen to 56 minutes of ups and downs (mostly downs), going through the cheesiest, most uninspired and downright GAYEST album of 2005. The City Under Sands proves this band can actually write good stuff, but they should focus more on the riffs, and less on the neverending ballads, the meaningless instrumental interludes, and trying to find a unique vocalist (seing as the one they have right now doesn't evoke no emotion whatsoever). The production is top-notch (even though this style requires perfect production), but it just feels so fucking bland, uninspired, neverending, redundant, and all synonyms that come to mind. I'm listening to 'Serpent I am' right now, the last track, and this was my third time listening to it (just to make sure it wasn't one of those 'growers), and i'm feeling like i've listened to this bullshit 74 times already. Some of the stuff sounds proggy in the bad way (dream theater wankery), however some of this stuff ends up sounding almost like nu-metal. Stay away from this. Just download The City Under Sands, a well done power/prog song. But, this had good production, and one good song, so i'll be a bit generous and go with 35.