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Great, original Progressive debut. - 92%

DarahntheGreat, December 7th, 2006

Suspyre is a progressive metal band from New Jersey, and with this album they explode onto the metal scene. This album has everything: great musicianship, original riffing and solos, amazing singing, and it also integrates influences from a large range of different musical genres to create a sound unique to this amazing band.

The album starts off with Sospirare, a very well done, orchestral, 48 second opener with a great choir section. This leads directly into one of the best songs of the album, "Father of Hate", a fast paced, prog/power metal song with an amazing chorus. There is one consistency about this album, and that is that all the songs are very catchy, melodic, and will grab your attention and hold it hostage for the entirety of the 56 minutes. After two very well done pure progressive metal songs in "Distant Skies" and "Waterburns", we get treated to the jazz influenced ballad "The Breath of Gloria". It is topped by an amazing performance on vocals by Clay Barton along with some female vocals from Danielle Kaplowe, just to give it some diversity. After the ballad of the album comes "Last of the Survivors", which kicks the album back into action with this fast, progressive style song that lets the drummer (Sam Paulicelli) showcase his great prowess over his kit, though he does this constantly throughout the album. After a short intsrumental interlude, we go straight into "Apex", which has some growling vocals and some diverse instrumentation at the end. This changes things up a little bit but is overall, IMO, one of the weakest tracks on the album. Next we are treated to the mid-paced rocker "Serpent I Am". This song has some very well done whispered vocals in the beginning, and it sports not too overdone vocal lays, this song contains many, many, many speed changes, and is, IMO, the most progessive song on the album. And finally, we get to the highlight of the album "City Under Sands". This song is pure riffage, with an amazing chorus and superb drumming. If there is was any doubt in your mind about the band's mucisianship, then "City Under Sands" should kill that doubt. Even if prog isn't your thing, just download this song. It is wll worth it. And the album is ended the same way it begun, with an extremely fast prog/power metal song in "I See". Then, to top it all off (and possibly to give the listener a feeling of accomplishment) we end with "Seguirai", another short, orchestral track that only lasts for 1:01.

This isn't one of those groundbreaking albums that everyone and their grandmother needs to own, or they will suffer the fleas of one-thousand camels infesting their croutch. No, this is simply a very good debut from a very young, very talented band, that will, more than likely, be assaulting the stereo of many a metal head in the next few years. Give this a chance, you will not be dissapointed.