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Please, sir, can I have some more? - 95%

Dexter, October 29th, 2010

For some years I have been waiting for the next band playing good, non-boring death metal with hooky riffs, nice drumming and great vocals. Survivors Zero finally made it for me this time. This band reminds me of Demigod’s Let Chaos Prevail and the good old Amoral. Their style is a blend of death metal with some thrash elements and a bit of melodic death metal (mostly for some melodies that fit in perfectly).

The album starts with “Embrace The Inferno”, which is a song that pleasantly punches you in the face. This song is quite aggressive until the chorus kicks in, showing clear influences of melodic death metal. I love the drum work on this song; there are some fills that are really awesome. The song’s pattern is really simple, but it just does the trick so amazingly good that I love it. The rest of the album goes on with the same path this song takes us through, except the fact that most of the songs do have solos. Every song has a share of aggressiveness, nonetheless some are cut with harmonized melodies, depicting a more melodic effort. There are also songs like “Thorns Of Rapture” in which we can hear some melodic thrash elements (like the riff of the verse). I also think that the solo on the intro of this song is really rock-and-rollish and the main solo reminds me a lot of Arch Enemy’s guitar player, Michael Amott. “I Bury Them Deeper” is one of the songs that make me relate this band to how Amoral sounds. The intro/verse riff is so classic Amoral that I can’t stop thinking that this band fills the emptiness Amoral left when they decided to play shit.

Concerning production, it is incredible really, not to be surprised as Sami is a great engineer. The guitar tone is crunchy and mid-highly, yet fat, and very well complemented by the bass tone, which clearly makes everything sound quite full. Drums sound really huge, everything is so clear to understand. Of course I can hear sample replacement here, but every band does that, and the engineer made a great job with drums (and everything) here. Vocals deserve kudos too. The singer is quite versatile with is growls, he often alternates between low growls and harsher vocals, making vocals not sound monotonous at all (and, boy, do many death metal singers fail at this)

There’s not much else to say about this album. I can’t recommend any song because I love the album as a whole and every time one of their songs pops up on my mp3 player I have to listen to the whole album. There’s no flaw in this album, maybe it could have a couple more songs, but nowadays 10-song albums seem to be quite a common thing. I would say that if you are into non-monotonous death metal, death/thrash, and/or melodic death, you will no doubt love this album. Go grab a copy and let’s hope that these guys stay together for a long time.