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Heavy - 90%

TheHashishFalcon, April 21st, 2011

Purchased this cd not really knowing what was going to be on it. Could only find minimal info on it save for M-A.
Its a pair of recordings, six songs long, from an '09 recording and from a '10 recording. There isn't any lineup info and the packaging is sub-par. But what the packaging and organization of this $6 dollar thing lacked, the music definitely made up for.

This is for the most part guitar-driven and within the boundaries of thrash metal. Both the drumming and recording quality of the drums, guitars and vocals are superior on the '09 recording. Much more metal, professional sounding production than the other ones. These songs screamed Exodus, DRI and Devastation in the composition and the riffs. Certain riffs really stood out, like Pusher, but above all, the drumwork and guitar leads stand out the stuff..
The other songs are less thrash, more mixed, showing evolution in riffage (like Survive, for example- the main riff rings like an alarm going off in a riot). High point of the cd is the epic breakdown/solo in Drug Pig.
Overall surprising effort of quality thrash metal, considering the vague packaging. Didn't know what I was getting.