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Survival will stomp your head into the pavement! - 90%

camel86, January 6th, 2013

Out of all the demos I have heard from bay area thrash bands in the recent years, this one takes the cake. Fast as fuck heavy as hell Exodus style thrash! The guitar work is what really stands out on this demo. The riffs are crushing and catchy as hell and the solos... just... HOLY FUCK! The guitar player Nick is truly a damn good guitar player and a unique one at that. The leads are very Chris Poland-esque, and are from the heart. They seem well thought out and not just constant mindless shredding that many guitar players do. All the songs are very catchy and well composed. "Death Dealers" is fast and angry with a cool drum break in the middle. "Pay your Dues" is also another fast one with an old school exodus kinda feel to it and gnarly gang vocals. "Disruption" is by far the most heavy and interesting track on the demo. The drums on this demo hit hard and are pretty badass. Killer snare drum sound too. The vocals are by former Hatchet front man Marcus and he delivers a high pitched crossover style yell. The guitar work I already mentioned is badass the entire time. The only complaint I have is the bass guitar. Its kinda.. eh, it just follows the rhythm guitar for the most part and there is no real bass lines as far as I can tell, but overall this is a fantastic demo and slays any other demo I have heard from the area or the time it was released. If you have some way to come across this first release from Survival it will surely kick your head in. I recommend this band!