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One album you CAN' T hate if you like metal - 89%

Warrior_Of_Erebus, November 23rd, 2005

I waited some time for this CD, but I think it has been worth waiting for. The weird thing about this CD is the story it tells. It tells of the misery of a young girl being pregnant, who eventually kills herself because of that misery. The ways in which this is integrated into the looks and sounds of this release are very good and very beautiful (in a strange and rough kind of way). E.g.: Every song could be seen as a summary of the thoughts and actions of this girl (or sometimes her foetus) during every single one of the nine months her pregnancy lasts (the first song being the first month, the second song the second month, and so on).
Just one more note before I start the real reviewing: The CD I used for this review is a Limited Edition CD, so it is possible some things (like artworks) are different on your CD.

So far the introduction, over to the looks. These are not bad at all. The case can be folded out to reveal the lyrics, photos of the members and the properties of the CD (so the CD has no booklet). The photos of the bandmembers are nicely edited to fit with the picture on the front of the case. Speaking of which, the front looks very… ‘original’ to say at the least. It’s not everyday you see a pregnant woman with a belly shaped like a baby’s head.

OK, so the artworks are extremely great. What about the music? That’s great too! The quality, originality and diversity of the songs keeps surprising me even after having heard the CD 7 or 8 times in a row (yes, I’ve been listening this one for over 5,5 hours in one sit, so what!?). The way in which the vocalist jumps between clean voice, grunch and scream is incredible and the way he uses this to create an image of the way this girl must be feel is totally extraordinary. On top of that comes the fact it’s very addictive. Once you start listening, you really can’t get enough of it.

The first three songs are best described as: great music with wonderful instrumental usage (including some small solo’s) and a mixture of different kinds of vocals, and a small number of effects too create a picture in your mind.
Song #4 is not a good as the others on the album, but it’s still a very good one. Don’t get me wrong on that, it’s just a fairly little bit too much effect usage, which sometimes pushes away the real music. That’s about the only snag though. The vocals and rest of the music is very nice. The next song, ‘Witness To 3x3x3’, is of the kind we’re getting used to by now: A very nice mixture of different vocals, a few effects, and great usage of the musical instruments. The rest of the songs are a lot like the others, but with a few differences. ‘Vertigo’ and ‘The Cocoon Sphere’, for example, both have a solo which lasts a little longer than those in the rest of the songs do. And the last song has a large amount of effects, just like the 4th song does. Only this time they don’t push away the music that much. I think these effects should more or less be seen as the “Outro” of this CD.

All with all, I think this CD is a very good release with some incredible artworks and some extremely great songs. The mixture of the different vocals makes it almost impossible to get bored.

This is one of those albums you just can’t hate if you like metal.