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Brutality enforcer - 70%

autothrall, November 14th, 2009

Aad Kloosterwaard is a busy man in the Dutch death metal scene, having drummed and fronted Sinister, and played in Houwitser, Infinited Hate, Blastcorps and Thanatos. With Supreme Pain he's joined forces with members of FondleCorpse, Putrefied and others to produce straightforward blasting death metal not unlike Sinister in construction. Nemesis Enforcer is the band's second offering and I like to think the title is inspired by the G.I. Joe villain...but that could be a stretch.

This album pretty much lives and dies by its direct brutality and the slight sense of elevated melody which haunts most of its tracks. On my first listen, I was rather unimpressed, but after a week I gave it another chance with better results, my attention held throughout. "Vengeful Wrath" opens with a Sinister-like burst, crushing quick death metal with riffs just hooky enough that you don't want to press stop. Wild, spastic leadwork and great blunt vocals compensate for the fact that a few of the riffs are blood average. "Legacy of Chaos" feels like a stop/start from the first song, it's fast and fun with at least one good grinding riff. "The Unholy Throne" is a step up with its moody, chugging opening segment, a guitar melody providing the mystique that was lacking in the first two tracks. I like the narrative style creepy vocals and the crazy leads, a nicely refined Morbid Angel influence in place here. Other winners on the album include the relentless thrash/death of "Threhold of Immortality", the Pestilence-like chugging of "To Serve in Slavery", and the sobering brutality of "Goddess of Divine Retribution".

Nemesis Enforcer is a little better than the band's previous album Cadaver Pleasures, the energy has picked up like an unstoppable rage. There are some truly fantastic moments on the record, and the Dutch style is always refreshing (falling somewhere betwixt the USDM/Florida roots and Swedish grinding tones). It's not the best death metal I've heard lately, but it's solid enough that fans of Sinister, Behemoth, Nile and Morbid Angel might want to check it out.