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Hidden gem - 100%

satanhatta_, July 29th, 2013

We have a Comatose release that is not brutal death metal, interesting. Looking at the artwork, it seems is a 90's death metal album. Hearing to the music, it seems is a 90's death metal album. It blows your brains out like a 90's death metal album. Two members of this band have been involved with 90's death metal bands. This record has a world to offer to the genre.

The debut album by Supreme Pain is just pure death metal awesomeness in all the extension of the word. From the trivial things, like the duration of the songs, to the marvelous riffs and vocals. Every riff of every song is new to everyone's ears, having groovy riffs, fast-paced bridges and even dense doomy intros. Both guitar players do an excellent job, with awesome precision in their performances and sweet guitar tones. The bass sounds perfect on the record, mostly following the guitar parts, but being always present. For me this gives an old school style to the sound; perfectly executed by the guitarist Erwin Harreman. The drummer does a clear and perfect job in here: blast-beats, drum fills and double bass, everything sounds crushing and accord to the music. The vocals are done by the mighty Kloosterwaard of Sinister, so you can expect low, creepy vocals on the record, just a hell of a vocalist.

Each song has something to offer to the album, the amazing riff party on the title track, the incredible progression from doomy intro to fast death metal on Room of Stench, the intro solo and spoken outro on Flesh Collector and the long and epic Visions of Tyranny.

This album is a perfect example of how the genre should sound done by an underground band with a lot of potential to be a true death metal legend out there. The next albums are good aswell but nothing compared to this incredible masterpiece of a modern death metal band on the old school vein.

All songs are amazing but my current favorites are: Cadaver Pleasures, Room of Stench and Flesh Collector.