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Hidden gem - 100%

satanhatta_, July 29th, 2013

We have a Comatose release that is not brutal death metal, interesting. Looking at the artwork, it seems is a 90's death metal album. Hearing to the music, it seems is a 90's death metal album. It blows your brains out like a 90's death metal album. Two members of this band have been involved with 90's death metal bands. This record has a world to offer to the genre.

The debut album by Supreme Pain is just pure death metal awesomeness in all the extension of the word. From the trivial things, like the duration of the songs, to the marvelous riffs and vocals. Every riff of every song is new to everyone's ears, having groovy riffs, fast-paced bridges and even dense doomy intros. Both guitar players do an excellent job, with awesome precision in their performances and sweet guitar tones. The bass sounds perfect on the record, mostly following the guitar parts, but being always present. For me this gives an old school style to the sound; perfectly executed by the guitarist Erwin Harreman. The drummer does a clear and perfect job in here: blast-beats, drum fills and double bass, everything sounds crushing and accord to the music. The vocals are done by the mighty Kloosterwaard of Sinister, so you can expect low, creepy vocals on the record, just a hell of a vocalist.

Each song has something to offer to the album, the amazing riff party on the title track, the incredible progression from doomy intro to fast death metal on Room of Stench, the intro solo and spoken outro on Flesh Collector and the long and epic Visions of Tyranny.

This album is a perfect example of how the genre should sound done by an underground band with a lot of potential to be a true death metal legend out there. The next albums are good aswell but nothing compared to this incredible masterpiece of a modern death metal band on the old school vein.

All songs are amazing but my current favorites are: Cadaver Pleasures, Room of Stench and Flesh Collector.

HOLY SHIT!!! - 95%

Misanthrope02, February 6th, 2009

"Combining modern death metal with an old school feel, Supreme Pain’s debut full length from Comatose Music will fuel your inner hellion with more than enough demonic and corpse imagery for you can handle."

"Cadaver Pleasures" is one hell of a debut album. It is unbelievably brutal, insane and somewhat technical. It can't get heavier than this. the guitar work is flesh ripping and the drumming sounds like the next world war, if there were to be one. "Cadaver Pleasures" has some of the best death metal riffs I've heard. Brutal as fuck, somewhat technical and not generic at all. I must say, it is extremely unique and well thought out. The drummer must be a fucking machine to do what was done on this album. Robert Kovacic (the drummer), who did a session for the band Belphegor is no doubt one of the best metal drummers of all time.

The bassist had also done a good job.The bass was heard well and was good going with the rest of the instruments. Aad Kloosterwaard, also the vocalist of Sinister, does a great job on this album. Like I said, it can't get any better than this. His growls are extremely deep, yet you can still understand what he is saying 90 percent of the time (which is a great thing).

All in all, this is essential for all death metal fans. You guys just have to give this baby a listen. There is no way in hell you'll regret it. "Cadaver Pleasures" is a work of art, if you will. Lets just hope their next album will be as good. : )

Refreshing Piece Of Death Metal - 90%

MelodicStorm, September 18th, 2008

Supreme Pain an up and coming band from the Netherlands have surprised the death metal community with this flawless release. I must say going into this album with huge anticipation as they were quickly snapped up by Comatose Music in 2007.

First off you can tell by the song titles and the long length tracks that this is well thought out piece of art. Then as you listen, the breakdowns, drum beats and blasts with the crushing guitars and finally the rough growl of Aad Kloosterwaard thumping down your ear you know this is going to be an album for the top 10 list.

Secondly, the production is well produced hearing every nock and cranny in the studio. The drums sit back but still you can hear them as the damaging race of blasts and slow breakdowns reach out and grab you like a lion on the plains of Africa killing a gazelle. The guitars are distorted but not to distort, with each note and scale brought out in the mist of carnage. The vocals are put at the right level to hear the words and each breathe that helps for the enjoyment of this album.

Furthermore, the technicality that this band has is immense. The guitars, although I am not a guitarist myself, sound awesome with fast solos and rampaging riffs that bring out the darkness in their conciseness. The drums are well developed throughout the album with the drummer being technicality affined with a 4/4 beat but changing within songs to make it listenable and creative. Also, the vocals are carefully thought and aggressively put out to the audience.

Finally, this album is a must have for fans that love creative, technical (but not too much) and fast music. It contains something for every death metal fan with quotes, pauses, tension and of course blasts. All what a fan needs!