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Great album but too many covers here! - 90%

dismember_marcin, February 21st, 2012

Fuck, this Polish death metal commando appears out of the shadows every few years, break our necks with some cool music and then disappears again, never being able to get a larger number of casualties during their musical massacre. Sure, Supreme Lord is one of the oldest death metal crews in Poland at the present, they’ve been around since the early 90’s, released several recordings, mostly demos, etc, but every time they putted out something new they quickly vanished right afterwards. I guess it may mainly be a fault of the labels that were handling the releases of this band, like “X99.9 Kill Your Enemies” album, which was unleashed by a Conquer Records and this label may have promoted it well here in Poland, organized some gigs, etc, but in the end I think they’ve fucked a lot of things and so Supreme Lord never went anywhere further with this album and soon had to go back to recording a demo (which was “Legion of Doom” from 2007). So, looking now on the discography of Supreme Lord, one may realize it’s not an impressive number of releases, but luckily most of them hold the quality over the quantity. Besides, the fact that Reyash, leader of Supreme Lord, has been busy playing in dozens of other bands – Witchmaster, Christ Agony, plus he joined as a live member Vader and Incantation – it also didn’t help Supreme Lord in their fight for the deserved place in the death metal premier league. Time was running by quickly, but luckily a decent label got the band under their roster and so Witching Hour Productions unleashed “Father Kaos”! I’ve been waiting for this album to come for months.

Hmm, I was slightly unimpressed by this album in the beginning. First, it was the fact that there’s just about 25 minutes of music, which is not much for the band, which putted the previous album in 2004! Then I’ve found out that there are THREE covers on the CD plus some tracks from the demo! Hmm, one may have a feeling someone wants to fuck him in the ass, with such tracklist. It does make me think whether Reyash was not able to compose more new tracks for his band or maybe he was just too busy with his other bands and then if he was, why to bother releasing incomplete full length? Maybe it would make more sense waiting few months more and composing more new material for it? Anyway, this disappointment has quickly been erased by the music itself, which turned out to be just excellent and killer death metal. I just love the songs Supreme Lord putted here and what’s more, I even dare to say this probably is the best death metal release from Poland of the past 2-3 years. OK, the unusual number of covers may be annoying, but the rest of the material on “Father Kaos” is like a bulldozer, really. Of the covers, the one of Incantation is the only one that I really liked, to be honest, it’s a powerful version of “Profanation”, very close to the original and equally massive and brutal. The cover of Blasphemy’s “Ritual” is fine also, the production on it is slightly weak, more primitive, but it’s cool. And then there’s Witchmaster’s “Tormentor Infernal” and this cover I find as completely unnecessary, it doesn’t fit the style of the whole album and honestly, I don’t like it at all. I can easily skip it, as it’s the last track on the CD and I would rather listen to Supreme Lord’s songs than this.

And they’re really killer. It’s relentless, powerful and brutal death metal machine, which is hmm… supreme and of great value. It’s the best Supreme Lord recording definitely, I like every aspect of it, starting with great production (clean, but aggressive and energetic as hell) and ending with the riffs, which massacre like crazy maniac running around with an axe or chainsaw. Stylistically it’s very old styled riffing, you may find here many similarities to the likes of Deicide (from the “Serpents of the Light” album), Krisiun through to Damnation from “Coronation” or “Rebel Souls” LP. It’s mainly incredibly fast, technical and but not over complex and dull (which is good) and much more diverse than say Krisiun (listen to “Supreme Lord” for instance, which is the slowest track on the album). The songs I like most are I think “Massacration”, “Supreme Lord”, “Father Kaos”, “Legion of Doom”… all awesomely good and impressive, with many excellent riffs and vocals. There’s really nothing bad I can say about these songs, like them a lot and well… as I already said the only fault of this album is that it ends too soon and instead of crushing us completely it finished with those covers. I would probably be better to get two or three Supreme Lord tracks plus this awesome cover of Incantation. That would make more sense to me and be better. But “Father Kaos” is as it is, no one will change it and despite that I still must recommend it to every death metal maniac. Trust me, this is truly devastating death metal.