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Some leftovers, and some quality material. - 80%

Xeper, March 14th, 2004

At first, this album disappointed me. I'm a huge fan of Trouble and King's X, so sure, my expectations were kind of high. The album opens with Take Me Away, which right away let me down because the opening riff sounds suspiciously like Trouble's Come Touch The Sky. Next comes Kingdom Come, which has this killer swingin' riff which is heavy as hell (kinda reminds me of the chorus riff to Skid Row's New Generation, for what it's worth as a point of reference), pretty cool song. Then comes One Night, which kinda reminds me of King's X's The Prisoner. The fact that some of these songs sound like leftovers from the members' respective bands is kind of disappointing, because while I love both bands' sounds, I was hoping for something new on this album. There are a handful of other derivative moments, such as I Can't Help You, which has a riff that vaguely brings to mind Overkill's Playing With Spiders (but it might just be me, seriously). However, notice I'm still on the first four songs. Most of it is very decent, I freely admit. Like I said, I love Kingdom Come, Shinin' On kicks ass too if a little too Trouble reminiscent, Automatic has another sinister swingin' riff that just kills, Going Down is very cool too although the opening sounds too familiar, and the rest of the album is decent too. It's a solid release with some standout moments, and worth owning if you're a die-hard fan of both bands like I am, but a lot of the stuff on it just leaves me feeling like I've heard it before. Good, but not entirely groundbreaking, and thus not terribly essential in this case.