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Wow, that sucked. - 40%

lord_ghengis, March 12th, 2007

Pantera was good, Down is good, surely Phil Anselmo's other band, which has repeatedly taken priority over both those bands, should be just as good. Shouldn't it?

Unfortunately, it turns out that Superjoint Ritual is average, being generous, and while this album has good moments, it simply doesn't possess anywhere near the quality of either of the bands I mentioned earlier. The album is flawed by slower sections which kill off the energy which most of the songs build up, and repetition of the faster catchier sections.

I'm not one of these metal guys who demand that songs should have a single goal and stick to it, nor am I against groove and sludge metal, my problem here is that Superjoint suck ass and putting these slower breaks into their songs. For instance the first two songs, they can be both described the same way as they are pretty much the same song. Both have quite catchy, very hardcore sounding verses, which basically make up the song, and after repeating itself a few times, a usless slower sludge riff is thrown in, and it simply sounds out of place. Just for good measure the verse is then repeated a couple of times again, then the song ends. Apart from being far from exciting to listen to, the energy is completely sucked out of the song because of the sludge riff, nullifying the song's only redeeming aspect.

When they do pull this off correctly, it is quite good, "Deaththreat" for instance, while the groove outro is unnecessary, it still sounds alright because it doesn't completely kill the song to add in the groove.

The songs which don't pick up so much speed and energy, still manage to sound like shit, even if they don't have any major mismatch in styles. Due to plain uninspired musicianship, and abysmal vocals and lyrics. Songs like "The Destruction of a Person" are unlistenable due to the stupid lyrics and the lack of actual music, instead we get repetition of single notes over and over again, rather than actually trying to write a groove or sludge riff. Topped off with Phil trying to over sing to make the music interesting, resulting in him barking in a half scream/half screech about nothing in particular.

Simply, there doesn't seem to be a large well of talent in the band. With consistently pathetic guitar work and drumming that, while I admit has it's moments, generally sounds random. However, that could just be because the guitarists have no musical skill, and there is no rhythm to follow.

Now, to be completely honest, it's not the worst music ever released, it's just of no importance, the elements that are good are done better by other bands, and the parts which suck are done well by other bands. This simply a below average to poor album, with no individual song or amazing moment to lift it out of it's hole. This band relies on having Phil's name on it, where bands like Down provided a quality which made it more than 'that-band-which-has-that-singer-in-it'. While it's OK at times, don't bother with this.