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...the same goddamn album... - 57%

langstondrive, October 24th, 2003

Ok, what the fuck?! This sounds identical to the first SJR release, only much worse. Gone are most of the screams that characterized the first album and are replaced with PUNK styled vocals. The rest of the band sounds exactly the same as on Use Once and Destroy. Exactly. I think half the riffs are the same too. If they are not simply stolen from Use Once and Destroy, they are ripped off of Pantera songs. (ie: 5 Minutes Alone, Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks).

A typical hardcore album with nothing else to offer. I still can't believe Phil left Pantera for this. If I had to pick decent songs, I could salvage: Waiting for the Turning Point for it's breakdown into the slow doomy riff which is pretty cool and Personal Insult which has a fairly good beat. The drums are very good on this album, probably the best aspect. The rest of the songs basically all sound the same and offer no real appeal or variety.

Don't buy this. Get the DVD if you need to listen to SJR.