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So much filler - 33%

UltraBoris, December 2nd, 2003

The breakdown between 'good' and 'bad' on this album is actually very, absurdly simple. The fast stuff = good. The slow stuff = bad. Simply stated, this band knows how the fuck to thrash, and thrash decently well, especially when they're ripping off Raining Blood. It isn't awesome thrash, but it's still quite enjoyable. Simple banging riffs and catchy songs.

Then when they try to be slow... imagine Pantera at its worst - namely, Great Southern Trendkill. Remember Phil's really annoying 'scream' voice? No, not the one on Power Metal. The "with special guest, Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt" vocals. Imagine that, distorted even a bit more. It's grating and fecal and has no redeeming value. Then, throw in Phil's muttering/whispering bullshit and you get pretty much... well, honestly, you get a Pantera album. I'm not sure why people are so pissed that Pantera broke up. This is pretty much the same thing. If it were a Pantera album, all the Pantera kiddies would be drowning in their own ejaculate matter.

Anyway... the good, the bad, the ugly - it's not really worth describing in great detail, because the whole thing kinda blends together. "The Knife Rises" is just an absolutely awful song, though, as is "Destruction of a Person". If you should want to kill someone, make him listen to that song. Trustmetrustmetrustmetrustme......... then the usual mumblemumble. "Should I blame myself for having introduced them to the devil?" No, blame yourself for that execrable pile of putrid wastes you have introduced us to.

"Personal Insult" a pretty damn good song, and "Permanently" is fun as well. If they just decided to thrash, they'd do really well and be a fun band. It's just when they break down into face-squeezing trowel-on-a-chalkboard 'groove' when it really becomes unlistenable. If they took all that out, you'd actually get a decent album that's about 26 minutes long... this way, I have no idea how long it is, but it's too long.

Oh yeah, a final comment. Putting "one two three four" as the intro to one song is cool. Putting it on six songs reeks of uncreativity. Oh yeah and Alice Cooper wants his riff back. I forget which song has the 'School's Out' riff, but it's there.