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Fuck like a PRIEST! - 95%

Werewolf, April 25th, 2009

It’s been really long since I enjoyed a nowadays traditional Heavy Metal album that much! Chris Black, armed with a Rickenbacker bass and Lemmy-like voice, supplies here a great dose of classic Heavy Metal with lots of Rock N’ Roll. It’s easy to notice the Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon and WASP influences, which it’s really hard to go wrong with.

Like a headbanger that it not afraid of all the zombies of the cover and doesn’t surrender and proudly shows a fist, Superchrist don’t give a shit about any modern trends and just play early 80’s style Heavy fuckin’ Metal. Overall it’s cool stuff with many Rock N’ Roll riffs and solos that could easily fir into an old NWOBHM record. From the lyrical point of view – like in many classic HM albums, it’s worth checking, for the lyrics reflect the reality really well, using some great sarcastic humor. For example, the song “Bloody Hell” talks about the constant lack of money, which is usually experienced by headbangers that give all they hav! e to their favorite music genre, or the song “Fuck like a Priest” (no, not a beast, a PRIEST!), which is the strongest song in the album from the lyrical point of view.

The sound in this album is cleaner than in the previous ones (by the way – this band exists since 1998 and it’s their 4th album already) and it doesn’t have much Punkish rawness like in the past, but it doesn’t sound forced and it’s really great for what it is. Recommended for every HEADBANGER out there!