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10 years later - Superchrist still rules! - 95%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

Superchrist is a traditional Heavy Metal band a la Saxon, Motorhead, Wasp and many more class-sick bands, formed around a decade ago. This new album (their 5th) continues the direction of the previous one “Headbanger”, supplying another dose of cool Heavy Metal with funny and cynic attitude that can be noticed already from the cover, the title and the track list, which features songs like “Same Old Shit”, “Pease of Ass” and the one of a kind (oh really? ;-) ) “FUCK with your boots on”!

The nice clean sound that made a big difference between Headbanger and the band’s older stuff is here again amd fits really well. Not over-produced, just decent. Musically there’s everything you need from a good HM LP here – very nice solos, vocals a la’ Lemmy and even well heard bass lines… And last but not least – lots of fun! If you thought that there’s no chance to hear a band playing genuine Heavy Metal in the 21st century – buy this CD and admit you were wrong!