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I don't quite get it.. - 71%

caspian, February 18th, 2006

i've heard a lot about this band- everyone has. Super low tuned guitars, very slow tempos blah blah blah. So not knowing quite what to expect, I bought this album on a whim and went home, cranked the bass and played this album. This album, and indeed this band has a big gift at dividing people. You either love it or you hate it. Well, I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't think this album licks anus, and while I can see that it is indeed fairly awesome art, It's a bit too long (just a little bit!) and a bit too inaccessible for me. Anyway, onto the songs.

The first song is guaranteed to give you a big headache. This is the typical Sunn O))) sound, as far as I can tell. Extremely slow, full of simple, very heavy riffs that go on for all of eternity. It is pretty good, probably the best track on the album. While it is undeniably heavy, there's also (particurlarly in the last 7 minutes) a big warm, trance like thing to it, as one super heavy note just drones on and on. It's kinda comforting in an odd way. It sounds so primal, so ancient. This is music that sounds like continents shifting.. I know that metaphor has been used very often, but it is indeed like that.

BassAliens, the second song, is nothing like the first. It's a very ambient, experimental track that's fairly enjoyable, if a little bit too long. The 23 minutes could fit in 15 minutes and it would be all the better. Eventually a spooky clean guitar gets into the mix, and this is where the song's at it's best. Strange, eerie samples and some super low bass sounds float around the mix too. There's a really good atmosphere here, but I think it couldve been put to better use. (Put the first song on top of it!) Still, a good track,

Decay2 is also really long. It's got a really ambient touch, but more evil then BassAliens, in fact much more evil. That's really helped by the spine chilling chants done by Attila Chisar. Hearing they had got a black metal singer on board sounded like a very bad idea too me, but luckily there's not much in the way of black metal shrieks here, just lots of really evil chants, surronded by strange, pulsing guitars and synths that go on forever. At about the 20 minute mark, a bit of lush, pulsing synths start to break through, and there's a brief moment of sun before the darkness comes rushing back in. Good move there boys.

This is strange, deep music, that I have no idea about and you probably don't either. The structures (or rather, the lack of them) are completely alien to my ears,the tempos unbelievably slow.. Basically, this is something that I've never experienced before. Still, I'd recommend this to people who are looking for really, really strange music or people who aren't afraid of a challenge. You should buy it.. but you have been warned.