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Warning: May cause unwanted bowel movements - 90%

Spawnhorde, September 4th, 2004

Heed the review title. With my recent foray into the genres such as the likes of drone and funeral doom metal, this is becoming more and more appealing to me. I can't explain why this is so good, it's just so titanic, gigantic, and utterly monstrous that you can't even begin to comprehend it without listening. This is so spleen-rupturingly heavy, that you'll have nightmares about it 5 years from when you first listen to it.

I'm about halfway into HELL-O)))-WEEN right now, on my second listen. I have a fucking huge stomachache, and something tells me it won't be going away for a long time. The purpose of this band is to create such low frequency sounds, that you shit yourself unnecessarily. And by George, I think they've done it! Each "song" contains one main riff that is repeated. Again. And again. And again even. It's so minimal; a progressive band can fit as many goddamn time changes and tech riffs into their songs as they want, but as soon as a band is as bowel-destroyingly low as this. You can hardly tell the band's albums apart, except the very interesting and strange noise tracks on Flight of the Behemoth and a few other exception (My Wall, for example), so the rating can stand for each one. But, holy DAMN is this heavy. If anyone likes noise, drone, doom, stoner, or anything, or just likes to chill out or whatever, get anything by this band, including this album. Oh, and Attilla does some fucked up vocals on DECAY2 which are so fucking weird, you just need to get this to hear them. Check it.