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Welcome to the Drone Dimension - 100%

serial_killer_miller, May 15th, 2009

I'm sure Sunn O))) falls into the category if "love em or hate em" for most people just based on their style. I mean the drone genre is definitely not for everyone. Some would go as far to say that Sunn O))) sounds like when you leave the fridge open for a long time. While others think the band is one of the most ambient, dark, and eerie bands on the planet. I am one of those who fall into the latter category.

Now, I would consider myself to be a noob when it comes to Sunn O))) because I didn't start listening to them until Black One was released. However, in that time I have become fond of their style because of the atmosphere their music provides and simply because it is such a unique style of music.

With the release of Monoliths & Dimensions we hear the trademark Sunn O))) sound from their previous records. There is a heavy bass overtone, you can hear some guitar, little if any drumming of course, and something that I am fond of, the use of eerie keyboards which make the album sound absolutely bleak! Towards the end of the album as well the band seems to drift into something that sounds like jazz which I found really unexpected.

As in a lot of Sunn O)))'s recordings many guests are featured on this album which provides each song with a slightly different feel. One of the most notable guests is Attila Csihar of Mayhem and his vocals fit this album perfectly. With this amount of diversity if any first timers are considering giving Sunn O))) a listen this would be the album I would suggest to listen to before all others!