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The Beatles of Drone - 79%

mikeald, May 31st, 2009

Ever imagine what hell sounds like? If you’re thinking of a death metal band, then your way off. Sunn O))), the Beatles of Drone, are back with yet another bleak adventure into the boundaries of hell. So what makes Monoliths & Dimensions so great? Well a bunch of things…

Attila Csihar of Mayhem lends his creepy vocals to 3 out of 4 songs on this album. His thick accent adds a hint of mystery to M & D. Quite frankly his performance on this album is just short of amazing. He does a better job with Sunn O))) than anything he has ever done with Mayhem.

As for the guitars and bass, the same old drone feedback….not much has changed. What has changed is the addition of brass instruments, which makes this the soundtrack to hell. Basically the horns sound like Satan himself is about to enter the room. This new element is what makes this album standout, and what makes this quite possibly the best Sunn O))) album.

Big Church, contains some very eerie female vocals that you would except in a Japanese horror movie. Aghartha, has some random noise far off in the background, which I suspect might be the boys scrapping their guitar picks up and down the neck, that or some type of drum pattern…which is fun part of this album, finding out what sounds are coming out of your speakers. The final song Alice contains a bit of light at the end of this dark tunnel. The brass instruments almost sound like the listener is about to overcome this horrific nightmare. Is this Sunn O))) selling out? Are we going to have some acoustic guitars next album…..hell no! Monoliths & Dimensions finds Sunn O))) exploring some much needed new ground yet keeping true to the bands formula.

Monoliths & Dimensions is recommended for newbie’s as well as the fanboys across the world. Please buy this album for its excellent artwork, band promo shots that make every single black metal band look like Celine Dion.