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Music to regret your miserable existence to - 20%

Valfars Ghost, July 2nd, 2015

Who is this for? Usually when I don’t like something, I can at least understand why it appeals to some people but in the case of Sunn O))), I’m completely baffled. I honestly can’t imagine a single reason anyone would willingly listen to any song on the stupidly titled ØØ Void (what the hell does that even mean?) more than once.

Is the whole point of drone metal to combine metal with sheer boredom? What other explanation could justify this album’s existence? It’s clearly not intended to be a form of entertainment because of the ungodly monotony and sheer lack of auditory stimuli beyond those goddamn drones. Maybe it’s intended to serve as background music for living the most wretched life imaginable because one thing’s for sure: this album is the sonic equivalent of every time your parents took you to a carpet store when you were a kid, every wait to see the dentist you’ve ever experienced, and every time you’ve been stuck waiting for a ride home with nothing to do.

This whole album feels like buildup. I kept wanting this droning to eventually give rise to something interesting or engaging, but it never does. This music is so slow, I can’t even tell if it has a melody most of the time. Once the third note of any song sounds, it’s been so long since you heard the first two that you can’t even remember how this new one fits with them. Even the songs that do have a discernible melody are still mostly just rhythm-less feedback.

The unreasonable lengths of the songs (the shortest of which is 14 minutes) only make the whole thing more mind-numbingly miserable. I’m not opposed to lengthy songs as long as their content is interesting and varied, but that’s not the case here. This album sonically creates the sensation of being trapped in a concrete room with no doors and no windows. It simply has no interest in progressing beyond its starting point.

This album’s successfully cultivated atmosphere of dread and oppression is the only thing I can think of that makes ØØ Void even a little commendable. I wish it had more going for it, but this album accomplishes what it set out to do. If you’re into dark ambient and musical landscapes that are virtually barren in their simplicity and have a seething hatred for anything played faster than 10 BPM, this might be for you.