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An Excellent Japanese Black Metal Demo - 90%

ROBL250, December 11th, 2007

They might be from Japan, but these gals aint Gallhammer...not by far. The Demo is a mixture of symphonic Black Metal similar to Limbonic Art with the raw vocals and emotions expected to be found from the likes of Marduk, which combine to make a blend of both raw and symphonic Black Metal worthy of being placed on an album nevermind a Demo.
The Demo consists of 2 tracks 1.Nightmare (or bad Dream) and 2. Despair (or Hopelessness).
The Demo lasts 10 minutes but sadly that is not enough to show what this band is capable of, with the right backing and support this band easily has the potential to surpass the already popular Gallhammer or Cthonic.
I cant wait to see what other offerings this band has to produce in the near future.