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Hmmm - 78%

Znarglaxe, November 12th, 2003

A lot of bands and a lot of people worship the old heavy metal sound. No matter how basic or how bland and uninteresting it is, it always seems to garner some kind of godly status from some people. And while there are very few bands which still practice what they once preached, there are still some of those bands which still try to do what was once done (well or not). Sun Red Sun is another one of those bands.

This band achieves the goal of sounding like good old 80s metal with a certain amount of relative ease. A band like this would get shot down quick by any fan of more complex metal, because this album is extremely simplistic in terms of the musicianship. It is almost bland and predictable. However, this is a gem, for the simple fact that a modern band had the balls to go back to the roots. The guitars, are not complex at all, and contain an almost cock rock quality. The drums are also very basic and reflect the same thing. Typical basic pattern drumming that does not impress and only serves as the backbone without having any other impressive job in the band. The bass is almost the same as the guitars. Nothing spectacular whatsoever. The vocals aren't even all that special.

The question here, is why even get an album that sounds like that? The answer is, because this band is still trying to do what was once done and once hailed as great, and you have to give credit to a band that holds onto the past like this.

Although it is a pretty simple effort, I recommend this to all old Heavy Metal fans on the basis that it is a refreshing take on what was once done so much.