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Kill yourself on valentine's day - 95%

Westvargr, March 31st, 2011

This split by three exceptional artists is said to be dedicated to all those who hate valentine's day. Reason enough to have it released on that one loathsome day of the year.

Each of the artists featured on this split follows an unique style of music, but what they all have in common is misery, loneliness and hate. Feelings of anger and despair that especially seem to appear on days dedicated to the good side of life. So fuck the happy people, those who send roses and chocolate, have a diner with their beloved and bang her all night long. Just think of your shitty life and kill yourself after listening to this.

The split starts out with one long ass, gloomy instrumental drone doom track by Verwüstung. Perfect way to get into the right mood. Although it's mostly ambient, it'll get your attention.

After almost 15 minutes of doom that'll go down to your bones you'll suddenly hear some sort of static drumming that leads into an ironically almost happy sounding riff which will go on for the whole song, but the vocals are what directly turns the track into what is is supposed to be. It'll make you think of all the things you've done wrong. The following track is somewhat similiar in style, but more melancholic, until the music gets more intense and the screamed vocals come in. The feeling of just wanting to disappear is utterly depressing.

To have Loli Vomits end the split was a great fit. The three different styles all seem to merge together and tell some sort of story. Loli Vomits first, short track has an intro which seems to continue the part of Sun Devoured Earth, when it suddenly turns into a hateful, extremely raw, black metal track that could almost be considered Noise. Pure fucking hate. The split is ended similiar to how it starts, a long doomy song. Though this time it's less minimalistic and more riff-oriented.

Honestly, if you don't want to kill yourself after this destroying piece of funeral doom with scornful vocals and after having choked on your misery right down your throat...just go the fuck out...and have some fun. You're not the right audience for this genius piece of music.