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Probably not even a waste of time at all - 92%

Westvargr, September 30th, 2011

As I was just now laying in my lounger on my rooftop terrace to waste some time while listening to Sun Devoured Earth's latest release, I lit a cigarette and out of nowhere the words for this review came all to my mind and I found myself analyzing, noticing how much that state I was currently in suited the soundscapes I was just experiencing.

I was one of the lucky friends who got to listen to the full EP long before it was released to the public as part of the boxset. And even though I came back to it quite often, I never really got this much of an idea what it actually is about: "Day After Day, Year After Year, When Will It End" is the perfect music for those times when you just want to lay down, turn off your mind and do nothing...waiting for the time to pass.

Musically speaking, Vadim went a much calmer direction and discarded any black metal influence almost completely. This is, generally speaking, more of a post-punk/darkwave record with post-rock elements and an almost ambient atmosphere. The focus switches in between of these genres, though without any too obvious changes.

The only obvious black metal traits left are the occasional screamed vocals which drown so much in the music, that they could even be missed if one did not concentrate on the music. Most of the vocals are sung clearly and in a quite hypnotic way, suiting the mellow atmosphere. They're not really vocals in a traditional way, but work more as an instrument rather than a salient element. This is underlined by heavy reverb, which makes the lyrics almost fully unintelligible. There is no need to understand them anyway, knowing the song titles and understanding a single word here and there are enough to grasp it. ("So Boring", "Stupid Waste Of Time", ...).

As far as song structures go, there actually aren't any. Each song seems like it doesn't really have a start, nor an ending. They could go on forever...but don't need to. Not many changes in any song itself, but rather changes that only occur in the transitions. However, this is not a bad thing by any means. It supports the unitarily motion of the record.

The melodies sound all rather simple and seem to be easily memorable at first. But in fact, they are not a bit. I listened to them so often by now, but if one asked me to hum anything included, I could probably not do so.

There ain't really any climax either, no part you find yourself waiting for. You're not waiting for anything at all. Still some interesting instrumentalization was used, such as the acoustic guitar and tambourine in "Fate", or the (on purpose) badly tuned guitar in "Stupid Waste Of Time", which sounds genuinely painful, or the noise/drone-immersed last part of "Take Me Home". Still, I wouldn't count these as climaxes as they don't really raise the vibe.

While writing, I noticed many aspects I mentioned could be considered bad regarding other records, but they actually work for this one. "Day After Day, Year After Year, When Will It End" totally serves its purpose and is an excellent example of music to listen to...when you don't really care about anything at all.