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Sunk age - 40%

chaxster, November 21st, 2007

Sometimes I wish people could be more realistic about themselves. That would single handedly solve all this 'reach being greater than your grasp' nonsense. It might also just make Sun Caged a better band. Right now, they seem to have this notion that almost none of their ideas can be expressed satisfactorily in under 6 and a half minutes, because out of a ten song album, seven take a minimum of that long to play out. Now that would have been fine if their notion had been accurate, as others have shown.

However, it's anything but. Songs wander around aimlessly, slowing down and picking up pace whenever they feel like it, parts are repeated ad nauseum and having to revisit this album almost becomes a chore. Nothing could scream 'edit' more, but I'm guessing obstinance on someone's part prevented that from happening. To be fair, there are several parts that sound great, most supplied by guitar whiz Marcel Coenen, but like the new Pagan's Mind, they're so spaced out that you could actually catch a nap in between them. Sometimes I do.

So it's no surprise that my favourite song off the album is the compatively lilliputian instrumental Engelbert the Inchworm, clocking in at 4 and a half minutes. It's not really anything all that special, but it's just a relief to have something enter, entertain and exit with brevity instead of reading you its life story. And what sadists! They have a an 8 minute song Departing Words some time in that gives you hope that it's all over, but then they follow it up with Doldrums, another 7 and a half minute venture. Why I'm in the doldrums is because this album hasn't fucking ended yet!

While it's evident that the members are skilled at the very least, Artemisia has left no impact on me. If the album were half its length with all the filler edited out, I'd grant it a 3, but as it stands, that's too much for this. The cover's also crap, too! Even if you love this kind of music, your time's much better invested in the new Mind's Eye or Circus Maximus.