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Summoning - With Doom We Come

The autumn of the band - 87%

1223334444, May 15th, 2024

The last album from the atmospheric black metal band Summoning saw the light of the day in 2018. It’s been six years since its premiere. The band's previous album, released in 2013 “Old Mornings Dawn” was a beautifully crafted work of art with breathtaking melodies, pathos and emotion. The band itself is very influential in the atmospheric black metal scene as well as in a genre that emerged around 2012 called dungeon synth. Coming back to the album in question - is it good or is it whack?

I remember reading in an interview that the material that started what is now known as “With Doom We Come” was at first leftovers from the previous album’s session. This may suggest that this material was built on scraps, on the worse part of that session but I will already say that this is not true. Summoning is a band that takes their craft seriously and you can tell that they respect what they are doing. If you look at their discography, you will have a hard time finding any inferior material. This is the kind of band that prefers to stay silent if they don’t believe they have a worthy thing to say.

“With Doom We Come” is a natural evolution from the previous album. The sound is familiar, some of the songs here like for example Carcharoth could easily make it on the previous album. Just as the previous album, it is more mature than their early efforts. The sound is polished (for this type of music that is), the huge experience of the musicians can be heard here. The album gives that ‘olden’ feeling. Some bands are rockers, they kind of record their angst and feelings. Here, with this band and album it is much more the case of thoughts and feelings working together. Richard (Protector) Lederer admitted in a conversation I had with him that the balance between thought and feeling is important to him.

For me it is astonishing hearing how much care was put into this music. The music is at the same time very carefully thought out and still has the beautiful, nostalgic melodies. The tracks are long, the compositions repetitive and complex, as usual with Summoning. The instrumentation is high quality, which was not always the case. Especially on early releases you could hear that the sounds were cheap (not in a bad way for me), here it surely sounds more cinematic. In another interview I remember the band saying that they feel like they are in the autumn of their career. This surely can be heard in this release. It is aged, mature.

When it comes to the songs themselves, I find the first half in particular to be more engaging and memorable. “Tar-Calion” with the commanding vocal hooks: “Kneel before your conqueror! You will kneel!” or: “My day will come.” This sparse use of vocals somehow works very well. “Silvertine” is a track that stands out probably the most for me. It has that epic grandeur of the previous album, the buzzing guitar akin to for example “White Tower” from “Old Mornings Dawn”, the soaring vocals, characteristic to the band. The lyrics that paint a natural landscape. This makes me think that “With Doom We Come” could be very well called part two to the previous album, kind of continuation, an elaboration.

Marking the autumn of the band, this album stands strong among the band's discography. It’s not among my favorites but I can see how that could change for me, and I can easily see how it can be someone else's favorite. There is pathos, there is some kind of sadness here. There is a lot of thought and a lot of feeling. I can also observe a lot of respect and love they have for their craft. First and foremost it is a Summoning album front to back. They continue on, true to their style. If you know some of the previous albums, give this one a try if you haven’t already. It’s hard to go wrong with this band, they present a very high quality art and this album is no different in that respect.

May the autumn and the winter of Summoning be long and fruitful!