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Weak... - 55%

Danthrax_Nasty, December 9th, 2003

So you know: my original review was kinda shitty, and I decided to rewrite it as my original views had changed a bit, and seeing as I've become pretty disappointed in this album over time,... as its replay value grows extinct, I decided a new review was indeed in order. But I digress...

So what you've got here, in a nut shell, is a whole lot of cheesey ambiance, repetition in a "wanna be" epic fashion, a tempo which seems basically fixed (hell the drums really are worthless here, if your a drummer you probably wouldn't like this) through out the album to one pace, some decent vocals (albeit with there own share of unpleasant qualities at points), and some decent keyboard patterns (usually killed by repetition, and overdubing though). Whats really worse is sadly enough, that could have described a fair portion of this bands discography. I enjoy the fantasy aspects of this band a bit, but come on... when you have an album length of a little over an hour, and your songs all have A. the same mid paced, boring tempo, B. lots of similiarly structured keyboard patterns, and C. an air of pretentious wankery you've got some major problems.

There are a couple cool guitar harmonies\leads on here, but way too far and few between. Also I enjoy the tones of the instruments (well the drums again suck here), and the production overall deserves equal praise, its just when you get down to the actual music there is much to be desired here. With all fairness the band has its sound, and what it does they do well, but as far as being a great Metal album, this is definitely not one, and further more what is here grows stale fast, has many elements that I don't care much for, and really is nothing more then a novelty to me after repeated listens. I wouldnt really recommend this to anyone that doesnt highly enjoy keyboard based music.