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Perfection - 100%

pilsengrinder, March 21st, 2007

Minas Morgul was constructed by Isildur on the Second Age of Middle-Earth. But Minas Morgul it's also the second album of the guys of Summoning.

After kicking Trifixion ass out, they decided to use programmed drums, well that was certainly a very good decition. Minas Morgul gives us 11 songs and almost one hour and ten minutes of dark but epic black metal, grim and sometimes raw. Summoning mixes all this in an harmonious work, every single song of this album jams.
As I said before, when Trifixion was kicked out the things began to get better to Summoning, because with Trifixion drumming there will be an obvious lack of good sound on the album, instead Protector's drum programming sounds perfect, bombastic, and efective. If we listen to Summoning's first album "Lugbûrz", you
will understand why a drum machine was the right choise, because Trifixion drums will not be able to fit in this new dimension created by Protector and Silenius, simply as that.

Musically they've improved a lot, the quality of the recording is kind of raw, but yet much better that the previous album. Vocals are fundamental, in my opinion at least, the music created will not be the same if weren't there Protector and Silenius grunts, both of them shows great agression but also sorrow in some songs like Marching Homewards.

The lyrics are taken from JRR Tolkien poems and songs, if we read we will know that all have conection with dark events of Middle-Earth, with the exception of Marching Homewards that we don't know where they got those lyrics. Now, still taking about lyrics, here Summoning mixes with oustanding perfection the link between lyrics and music. Marching Homewards again, is probably the saddest story related by the band and that goes on constrast with the music, the riffs on this song made a very sad atmosphere. That goes on in songs like Dagor Bragollach, where music can makes us understand what Bragollach really was: a sudden event which brought lot of death and sorrow for the Elves and an important triumph for the Dark Lord Morgoth.

What Summoning shows us on Minas Morgul is their pure and unique style, with every song we got a pass on the time warp of imagination and then we are led
into Middle-Earth to witness every single detail that the band produces with their impressive and outstanding music. A voyage through the dark passages of Arda.
Here ladies and gentlemen we got the perfect mix of an unique black metal style, some medieval epic sounds and the greatness of JRR Tolkien behind them.

Lugbûrz: Cold, Grim, every grunt rips your ears off, killer drumming and some keyboards that make an amazing good ambient.

Morthond: A perfect mixture of tranquility and killer black metal blast beats. Wonderful and very good for headbanging and moshing jojo.

Dagor Bragollach: I write it somewhere on my review.

Through the Forest of Dol Guldur: What a misty and mystical voyage through Mirkwood, great drumming on this one!

Dor Daedeloth: Cold and Grim, slow and terrorific, splendid work of art, worthy of Morgoth's Land of Dread.

Sorry for my poor English :p