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Absolutely Spellbinding. - 90%

Lunar_Strain, March 21st, 2007

I am very new to the realm of Summoning. I've heard of them many times before but have not taken it upon myself to give them a listen (Though, I've always -- for some odd reason -- thought of them as sounding very familiar to Temnozor. Why, I don't know, and the difference is very clear.) until recently.

Minas Morgul was the first album I was able to get my hands on (It would seem Lugburz is seemingly rare?), and this album, while being poorly produced in some areas and also very obscure, still managed to absolutely captivate me. I am in love with this duo, and this release. Summoning's albums are just one giant ride through Middle-Earth; be it in Battles on the plains of Gorgoroth, Marching over the Misty Mountains, or speeding through the forests of Lórien, it makes no difference. The experience is something that only this band can bring us (and I say this as a person who has listened to NUMEROUS bands that are Tolkien influenced.).

The guitar work, while dry in tone and repetitively tremelo picked, seems to oddly support the amazing symphonies we hear from the keyboards. The drumming, while being reminiscent of Black Metal is also heavily Tom based. I can only describe these as being "Battle Drums", for that's EXACTLY what they are. The vocals are simply perfect for the music. As if the Nazgûl are the ones narrating the tales and journeys that are experienced within the music of this album.

This album is absolutely beautiful. It's HIGHLY recommended.

Highlights: Lugburz, Passing Of Grey Company, Morthond, Ungolianth, Dagor Bragollach, Through The Forest Of Dol-Guldur, and The Legend of The Master Ring