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Rough start - 40%

linkavitch, February 10th, 2009

There are a lot of things that are different off of Lugburz from the rest of the albums from Summoning. For starters, they use an actual drummer in this one as of them using a program in the rest of their work. The other difference, there’s not really atmosphere in this one. So we have atmospheric black metal without the atmosphere, now its just bland black metal.

The main difference is in fact the drumming by Trifixion who later got kicked out of the band. What’s nice about having an actual drummer is that the drumming doesn’t get as repetitive and that it doesn’t have that dull feel and sound the same on every song on the album. The drums are played a little bit faster in this album than their usual work, which is one of the better moments in this album.

There are two types of vocal styles they use. The first one you will notice is the ghostly shrieks that will send chills down your spine, these ones are the better of the two used. The other on is a very low and mono-toned growl that is very hard to understand to what he is singing. This style is most noticeable in the song “Where Winters Forever Cry”.

Now like I said, this is basically an atmospheric black metal album only without the atmosphere, so it’s just some average and kind of bland and boring black metal. Without the atmosphere its just ten black metal songs that aren’t that different from millions of songs that the millions of other black metal bands write. They’re about 2-3 riffs per song, two verses and a bridge riff. Then again, this isn’t the most creative genre of metal now isn’t it? Although, the opening track “Grey Heavens” is what makes the music atmospheric. This track is only some instrumental piece played on by a keyboard, but the calming opener and the water splashing on the shore helps build the little atmosphere on the album.

Now its not that it’s a terrible album, it’s far from that. Just that the album is very bland and uncreative considering that this album doesn’t have the atmosphere part to the music. It’s just an opener and ten black metal songs that don’t really sound like anything unique. This is just their bad album, for they get a lot better as the albums by Summoning come out. This is a band that has always improved over time in my opinion, not one that started out good and started to suck or has always sucked. I would have to say if you’re a fan of summoning you would want to check it out. If you’re a fan of atmospheric styles of metal I would say avoid this one and check out one of their later releases.