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Everyone needs more Summoning - 70%

NightOfTheRealm, May 28th, 2004

With roots dating back to 1993, Austria’s premier black metal band Summoning has released two lost tracks from DOL GULDUR and STRONGHOLD sessions from 1997 to 1999.

Die-hard Summoning fans know exactly what to expect from the band, and LOST TALES is no exception. For the non-initiates, Summoning’s music is a rich blend of atmosphere, powerful guitar chords, epic and well-used synths, and programmed drums. Unlike 99-percent of other bands using drum machines, the sound produced here actually complements Summoning’s sound. The end result is the perfect soundtrack for Lord of the Rings, or just about any other fantasy movie or game one can imagine. Both musically and lyrically, Summoning transport the listener back to the realms of Middle Earth. Blind Guardian have nothing against the epic and atmospheric nature of this band.

Unlike other Summoning albums, the two songs featured on LOST TALES are “rough mixes,” in that they do not contain the characteristic guitars or growled vocals common to Summoning’s full-lengths. While there is very little to do with metal on the album, here is seventeen minutes of absolutely enthralling music of the finest nature. In any case, if Lord of the Rings is not metal, then what is?

A Tolkien fan is a fool if he has not checked out Summoning yet (If you happen to be one of these fools, pick up any of Summoning’s past three albums). In addition, I most highly recommend Summoning to any fan of atmospheric music, not just metal. Die-hard Summoning heads like myself must own this one.

(originally written by me for, March, 2003)