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Arcenstone! - 85%

Almost_Honest, May 14th, 2004

Lost Tales have only two songs, both of them were in fact composed originally at 1997-1998.
This EP is very different from the regular Summoning releases. Both song are only keyboard with some samples from broadcast of Lord of The Ring. So there is not guitar or Protector/Silenius vocals here.
The artwork is beauty like always putting you in the right mood for the music.
The first song Arcenstoneis one of the better song Summoning has ever done, the incredible atmosphere have the power to lead you through dreamy lands...
But the second track, Saruman, is someway weak, here we can feel clearly the lack of heavyness. The song dont have the same feeling of Arcenstone, beside the second half is good, the beginning of it seens like a cartoon song.
All in all this is a good release with a fantastic song, a regular song and a good artwork.