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How can ANYTHING be so perfect? - 100%

HawkMoon, November 7th, 2003

From the very first seconds of "A new power is rising" where the "One ring to rule them all.." verse is being chanted in the language of Mordor, this is downright magnificent. No, it's way beyond that, even in a way you cannot describe appropriately.

Austrian 2-man band Summoning has really done it this time. Not that I find any of their albums bad in any way, it's just that this is their crowning moment. And how does one define this? It is blasphemy to even call this black metal in any way, where real black metal is dark and grim and necro
etc etc, this is.. well "symphonic" is too little a word for it. There is guitar riffing and black metal-ish vocals, but that's the end of the comparison. They use keyboards like I've never heard before, let's just say they make the perfect orchestral sound without having an orchestra around.

So no, this isn't your fast-as-fuck blastbeating shit, I don't find much regular metal ingredients in this, so I'm really surprised that the band is so appreciated by metal fans. But nevermind that, this is really pointless to dissect, you just need to know that this is as grand as music gets.
One of the best cd's you can own, as simple as that.