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Trite, Unoriginal, Dol Guldor! - 17%

nflftw, June 28th, 2007

This is probably the most unoriginal album I've ever heard by a metal band in my life. From the cheesy, synthesized intro to the semi-decent riff in Nightshade Forests (the only reason this got 17%). The vocals are sub-par for black metal; they sound like a croaking teenager. The production is terrible, too. Everything bar the guitars and bass is programmed. Everything. In Over Old Hills, there's even vocoded vocals. What the hell? Is this trance or black metal?

That's not enough, it's just not enough. They repeat the same synth patterns/riffs over, and over, and over, and over again. On this particular album, as usual, they have an extremely drawn-out intro composed entirely of samples. I bet they stole them. There is no end to the repetition and unoriginality of this "band" (by band I mean two guys, a guitar/bass/drum machine, and a computer).

Their lyrics aren't untouched by their sheer lack of originality either. Half of the lyrics, I swear to god, are quotes from Lord of the Rings books! I don't mind when Blind Guardian does it (I know they aren't black metal, quite obviously, but they still sing Tolkien) because they're original about it and they don't repeat absolutely everything over and over and over again. Summoning just does it in such a terrible way that I can't help but laugh, and I honestly believe that Dul Guldur is a satirical, comedic album not meant to be taken seriously.