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Atmospheric, Epic, Masterpiece - 90%

Serpenthrone777, April 6th, 2007

This album starts with a predictable instrumental medieval-folk-esk piece. Though nothing fantastic in particular, it gives a good entrance to this epic item of an album. The songs that follow have a particularly strong essence to them, conveying the imagery of the landscapes of the Middle-Earth ask originally depicted by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The guitars of the album are simplistic rudimental black metal guitars, with lots of tremolo picking, and a very repetitive feel. However, what truly amazes me is how it works into the intense epic symphonic aspects which seem to not overlap but meld into the harsher guitars. The contrast of the symphonic and guitars, yet how they combine so well together is what always attracted me to Summoning, and will keep me back for more.

Vocally this album has a harsher, if not lower in pitch, aspect but it pretty standard black metal. Once again, what really amazes me is how they manage to capture such beauty using such ferocity. Truly talented artists.

Overall, this album really is an epic album that I suggest for any fan of any sort of black metal. If your intimidated by keyboards, this album may not be for you, but even still I think the most harshest and critical black metal purists could enjoy this album.