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Return To Middle Earth!! - 100%

Lunar_Strain, March 21st, 2007

Summoning return with their third (but Second Medieval based) album, and the sounds is so much stronger than on Minas Morgul.

No, the production has not changed (it almost sounds downgraded in a sense), but the music has evolved. Instead of envisioning Middle Earth while listening to Summoning's music, this album TAKES YOU THERE!!

Through the Nightshade Forests, Rivendell, Lórien, the Mountains, Khazad-Dûm -- every spectacular location from the masterpiece trilogy of Tolkien has been musically linked with this album, and every song transports you to a different setting from the realm of Middle Earth.

The music varies a bit from Minas Morgul, with the guitars being pushed back lower into the mix whilst the synth and drums dominate the songs. The vocals are performed almost exactly the same way that they are on MM, though it would seem that both of the Duo would perform Vocals parts together, mix and matching their vocal styles to create one driving force of a track.

This album is powerful and is highly recommended. In fact, it is imperative that you get a hold of this release to FULLY expierence Summoning.