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Summoning > Anno Mortui Domini > Reviews > nezumi
Summoning - Anno Mortui Domini

Nothing special - 50%

nezumi, January 5th, 2008

When I've heard this demo for first, I was really surprised. It just didn't sound like Summoning. No synths, sucky quality and vocals quite different fom those on the other albums.

This has something in common with another Summoning releases: it's not a standard black metal (it's too melodic and quite consonant) and some riffs are used in later songs (catchy riff from 'Where winters forever cry' was originally used in 'Tales from the northern forest'), however it's not that good. It lacks originallity and this unique atmosphere. The lyrics are different from melancholic Tolkien-inspired poetry used later. They are rather in typical black metal style, but not as aggresively anti-christian as those written by Norwegian raw black metal bands. There's no drumming machine but the live drummer sounds just worse than it.

To sum up, 'Anno Mortini Domini 1252' is similar to many other melodic black metal releases and is worse than Summoning's studio albums but isn't really bad. Black metal fans will probably like it more because it has more to do with their music, but I prefer more atmospheric music, just like, for example, 'Stronghold' or 'Lost Tales'.