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Swallowed By Oceans of Death and Darkness - 98%

Opus_Oculto, July 28th, 2013

I've always been looking for metal bands that could give new meaning to the style, escape the cliches, and provide an innovator sound. Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide maybe cannot match all the previous items, but it is an album that draws attention for not using the death/black metal old formulas. It is indeed a dark album, fast and heavy, but at the same time presents a musical theme that is beyond the common place of death metal: chaotic blast beats, lyrics about blood, death, destruction, apocalypse, fast but non-creative guitars and powerful but unpleasant vocals. The large balcony of Sulphur Aeons’ debut album was to rewrite all this in a different way, with an unusual theme, almost building a conceptual album about the saga of the creature C'thulhu.

The opening track already shows a little bit of what lies ahead, a chant of voices having as background the sound of the ocean waves. An introduction to the epic second track, Incantation, which is a mixture of fast riffs, melodic and epic passages, guttural vocals and many powerful blast-beats. The work of the guitars and vocals throughout the entire album is outstanding, definitely something you do not hear every day. The fact that the vocal is double recorded in the choruses (vocals upon vocals) gives a greater grandeur to the music, and you really feel in an epic battle on the seabed. The lyrics are also very literary, as in this passage from Incantation:

"Hear me, oh Titan of the Sea,
Great c'thulhu, Dreamer In The Deep,
Rise from aqueous grave"

An important feature of this album are the guitars which bring melodies fairly clean (as in Heartwork, by Carcass) that alternate with passages with a darker sound (as in Diabolis Interium, by Dark Funeral). It is also an album that alternates very fast tracks (The Devil's Gorge) with more down tempo and epic tracks (like the title track, Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide and From The Stars to the Sea).

In summary, Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide introduces many new elements to the melodic death/black metal sonority, making an epic sound with strong vocals, fast riffs and quality and above all, with a creative theme. It is a very worthwhile album, if you want to discover something new in extreme music.