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differnt but great - 96%

WIndrider, October 22nd, 2003

The new Suidakra came as quite a shock to me. After being extremely satisfied with their prior release Emprise to Avalon, I was shock when at first their new album sounded like nothing more than a Gothenburg act. Fortunately before residing the album to a life of obscurity, I decided to give it another full listen. Boy am I glad I did, because while Signs for the Fallen may not be as unique and distinct as Emprise To Avalon it is just as good. As I already said, Signs for the Fallen, is rooted in a Gothenburg tradition. Mainly in the sense that the riffage is melodic crunchy (similar to bands like at the gates, dark tranquility, etc). However despite a Gothenburg backbone suidakra still mange to make their music distinctive and quite original at that. Suidakra maintain their token guitar tune which still manages to give the music a medieval battle like feel (suidakra guitar tune feels like your on a galloping horse). The beloved clean vocals (at least in my opinion) are still their and it seems like there is even a second clean vocalist in the mix. The overall sound is extremely tight and very melodic sounding without being blatant. Perhaps the biggest improvement about this release is the reign of a new drummer, who kicks some serious ass. The double bass on this album is off the hook, it just gallops away completely flowing with the music, and not sounding at all clicky. The vocals as usual are excellent very epic and spite full yet full of beauty.
I therefore highly recommend this cd to all, and proclaim it to be one of the top 5 releases of 2003. The only thing I can complain about this album is that it’s a little short (under 43 minutes)