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A triumphant victory for the army of Arkadius - 97%

BloodIronBeer, February 5th, 2007

Note: I am updating this review based on the fact that I was probably too quick to review before. I initially gave this album an 83, that is far too low for this album I now consider classic. Hence, I have re-written the review.

Time to go into "how do I not rave and gush about this" mode. At the time an 83 seemed like the right score, but I have never been far from this album since. And it's grown, and grown in appreciation. Every song on this album crushes skulls. Just classic.

Suidakra are considerably aggressive, yet melodic, balancing somber folk inspired parts, slightly blackened faster riffs and unconvential melodic death metal. Vocals ranging from harsh death/black vocals, to singing, to chants. They wrap all this into a tight, musically proficiant, well written package that any fan of metal could appreciate.

Where most of their lesser contemporaries have abandoned blast beats, Suidakra still throw them in at just the right times in the music. The drumming is quite varied, and colorful. Always complimenting the other instruments nicely. The generic melo death worthless drummers should take notes from this guy - rather than playing their same plodding triplet beats with the same old fills and no variety, he mixes it up, and most importantly makes beats that compliment the music.

The guitar playing is hugely varied. From traditional heavy metal inspired riffs, to extremely melodious death metal with Suidakra's signature all over it, to pure folk acoustic Celtic parts (and even whole songs) to folk infused metal riffs - there is everything, and it's all well done.

And I have to say, the most remarkable thing about this album - nothing in the known universe makes me want to bang my head so damn hard as this album does. I mean, fucking kill people with my forehead. I mean, the lowest level I go to on this is "aggressive nodding", all the way up to "if you need to demolish a building, just put this album on and I will headbutt that fucker into oblivion."

In seriousness, this band blends all it's elements so well, and there is just so much punch to the music. Fantastic riffs abound. There is no lull in the greatness and headbang-inducing awesomeness of this offering. This is just a true classic.