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Wartunes of Eternity - 92%

GuntherTheUndying, September 30th, 2008

It has been thirteen years, but flags still fly in Suidakra’s name. There have been costly departures, yet their Celtic ancestors bless them in times of need. Years have come and gone, still clocks do not damage the unbreakable object. They are Suidakra: immortal leaders of folklore crusades; dynamic warriors within melodic death metal; and one band that has indirectly influenced generations nearby. In tribute for sacrifices and folk-laden otherworldliness, we have “Thirteen Years of Celtic Wartunes;” a compilation stressing material filled with guidance from another dimension. As moons shift shape, Suidakra looks onwards towards Valhalla, setting melodic death metal’s sun into creativity and bliss unlike others could deliver. Plus it has a cool DVD too, in case you’re wondering.

Throughout their starting decade and three years of extra fat, “Thirteen Years of Celtic Wartunes” seems unquestionably sexy, even for a best-of like so. The band’s formula is very powerful: melodic death metal layered with Celtic folk influences. Indeed, these formulas emerge throughout the release’s prominent recordings perfectly; the sheer atmosphere those combinations bring is breathtaking and individually impacting, like any memorable group should acquire. They’ve also had a fair amount of member departures during these thirteen years, especially the females vocals obtaining a huge sector Suidakra bleed on, leading to the creation of such songs like “Heresy.” Absolutely beautiful materials they have woven, and nothing fragile when placed over time’s burden either!

Now instead of smacking on another disc with favorite anthems or whatever, SPV offers Suidakra’s first live DVD featuring performances at Wacken and an unplugged set of grand beatitude, which are excellent additions, if I may say so. Suidakra’s showmanship during their Wacken visit is sensational: static playing, great tunes, perpendicular alterations, and stellar ambiences of Celtic mayhem. However, the release’s highlight lies within this second prosecution of acoustic glory, presenting these longtime players beautifully recreating their fantastic choices into soft, atmospheric notes that send electric chills throughout the viewer’s metallic spine. Two orgasms for the price of one? I’m game.

Before this, I had no clue Suidakra had existed, let alone been active for over thirteen years of folk-laden madness. I’m left wondering one thing: where has this band been all my life? Really, “Thirteen Years of Celtic Wartunes” is the epitome of melodic death identities undergoing swell transformations into interesting compositions of such genres. Being a compilation, I would not call it something mandatory for Suidakra fans to kill for, but who knows? Maybe the DVD will tickle you, or perhaps you can’t find a few records and need to settle on something made just for you! Needless to say, thirteen years is nothing; they have an eternity of honoring their Celtic ancestors and metal fans alike. Suidakra, here’s to your triumph!

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