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Suicide Emotions - Last Cut...

From Nostalgia To Suicide - 90%

Athianaged, February 4th, 2013

Suicide Emotions is a Depressive Black Metal one-man band from Italy, Bari, formed in 2012. The whole material can be considered as pretty generic but decent, while one distinguishing feature is Veirg's use of screams and wailing only in a vocal part, without using any lyrics. I consider this as a pretty interesting step, so that the vocals are more emotional and the stronger attention is paid to the instrumental base.

The cold atmospheric intro "Nostalgia..." is built from sad guitar passages and is completely instrumental. It is followed by "Sad Emotions Pt. I", which opens with thick distorted guitars background pierced by desperate agonizing shrieks. The pace of the song is uncharacteristic for Depressive Black Metal mid-pace, the bass line is very nice as well as lead guitars creating a sort of groove."Sad Emotions Pt. II" start with chime-bells creating a melancholic mood, and flowing into the same distorted guitars. This song is faster than the previous one, the solos and drums are making it somewhat angrier, coupled with the anguished vocals. Chime-bells are closing the track with the sad violin melody.

"Suffocation..." is a slow, funeral-like instrumental piece before the third and the fourth parts of Sad Emotions. The leading melody creates the utterly melancholic feeling. "Sad Emotions Pt. III" have a dark rhythmic riff, fast drums and insane suffering wailing. The whole tracks feels like a some kind of an inner war and being torn apart from inside. After reaching the agonizing climax, the melody fades into sad piano outro. "Sad Emotions Pt. IV" break in with funeral violin tune, which proceeds into mid-tempo wall of guitar sound getting faster and more tensed as the track goes on. The song has some notable melodies created by lead guitar, which is one of the strong points of the album. Again, the track is ending with sorrowful violins merged with chime-bells.

The definite highlight is the track called "Wonderful Vision Of Suicide", the longest one on the album. It is full of suffering lead guitar solos and a wonderful piano playing in the background, perfectly merging into the song. The melody is getting incredible sad and tormented by reaching its end, lead by piano and guitar solos. Outro track, "Suicide", is very calm and relaxing, the dreamy atmosphere and melodic guitar chords are taking the listener away. This track is a nice conclusion of the whole opus: nostalgia woke up sad emotions, that suffocated the person and got more and more painful, until one is reaching his climax with the wonderful vision of suicide and finally making it true by a painless and long-desired departure.

Production is pretty nice for home recorded album, so is the concept and the general author's approach. The strong points are vocals, lead guitars and piano, while the only weak point might be that some listeners may find the whole album kind of boring because of repetitive rhythms, but as far as I'm concerned the artist has a great potential and he's going to grant us more anguished pieces of his suicidal emotions.