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Yes, it's thrash. Yes, it's awesome. - 94%

DUTheFek1834, June 17th, 2011

Whenever I talk about the most underrated guitarist in all of metal, I always bring up the same person, and people always ask "who?". Then, I tell them "he was in Suicidal Tendencies". If I had a nickel for every time I got "Oh! I know those guys from Guitar Hero!" or "What? The punk band? They're not metal!", I'd probably have...well, I'd only have like a dollar, but you catch my drift here. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with discovering music through Guitar Hero, but to say that Suicidal Tendencies was never a metal band is completely incorrect. I stand by my statement. Rocky George is the most underrated guitarist in metal.

The album begins with Trip at the Brain, a song which is an excellent indicator of how the rest of the album is going to sound. Awesome chugging riffs with excellent fucking bass underneath it to almost make it a funk-influenced thrash album at times. Every single song on this album has some sort of solo by Rocky, and every single one of those solos is phenomenal. He has the technical prowess of Marty Friedman, and the music-writing ability of (80's) Kirk Hammett. He doesn't only shred on this album, and he does more than just a few chugging riffs too. He also has the ability to play great, clean and melodic sections. He is definitely not just a one trick pony.

How about charm? Does this album have any? You bet your ass it does. Mike Muir definitely has a unique voice which helps you know exactly which band you're listening to once you hear it. Just as Rocky is multifaceted, Muir is as well. He can go all out on songs like If I Don't Wake Up, or sing with a soft voice just as well like he does on Sorry?! The band is able to turn up the heat when they need to, and turn it down just as the right points.

This album is a thrash metal must-have if you're tired of the same old chugging riff-solo-wash, rinse repeat style. This band brings a whole new flavor to thrash with their different levels of tenacity within the same album. Rocky brings the riffs and solos, Muir brings the intensity and a great voice, and the entire band brings grade-A metal from a former hardcore band.

    Top 3 songs:
    3. Surf and Slam
    2. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
    1. Sorry?!