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Dead Again Part II - 90%

GeorgeTheJoker780, July 10th, 2012

I titled this review Dead Again Part II because this album is essentially a continuation of their previous release so the formula is not as surprising or fresh. Once again we are presented with a badass cover by Ed Repka. The production is not exactly the same as Dead Again; mainly the drums are more pounding and in your face and the guitars a bit cleaner. The changes are nothing too major. After slipping in this disc or laying down the needle on your record you are, with haste, crushed with an infectious and mean thrash metal riff of the title track (no solemn intro this time around). Such a riff will have you mimicking the strumming of a guitar or violently headbanging if not both simultaneously.

There are a handful of songs on this album that have great tempo changes and drum lines to go with it such as "Morbid Intention to Kill" or "Summoning of the Dead". Just when you feel safe during these songs they will catch you off guard and burst into a thrashing frenzy only to change tempo again. In order to supply some variety the band offers a couple of heavy mid-paced chuggers as well such as "Legacy of Pain" (featuring death metal vocalists Karl Willets and Martin Van Drunen). You'll even find some melodic riffs thrown into one of the fastest songs on the album "Torment Payback". The energy in these songs are undeniable. This is what old school style thrash metal should sound like.

As far as the lyrics go, we're presented with nothing new or shocking but there are times, usually during the chorus, where you can't help but sing along. The same could be said for the instruments or songs as a whole. This album is not progressive in any sense of the word and chances are if you're listening to this band you do so because you love the old school sound and not because you're looking for something that revolutionizes the genre. Having said that, the riffs and song arrangements are still extremely catchy and most importantly... aggressive! You will head bang, you will fist pump, you will sing along, and if you're at a concert (as I was lucky enough to see them during a trip to Greece) you WILL join the moshing crew!