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Slayercidal DarkAngels - Bonded By Bloodbath - 40%

BloodIronBeer, November 10th, 2012

For being what it is, it's not terrible. But for the fact that it is retro thrash, I also can't give it an ounce of merit.

My problem with these bands is the explicit intent to rehash old Slayer, Exodus and Kreator. Not really acceptable. All bands borrow from their influences, but normally that mean having more than a handful of bands as your entire range of musical influences and direct regurgitation of their material.

This sounds just like a slightly less harsh version of early Slayer. Fast thrash riffs, generic "evil" lyrics, fast drums, the occasional irrelevant acoustic bit, and uninspired guitar solos. The vocalist even tries to sound just like Tom. The riffs are mediocre, but I guess they're not bad, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't heard them all 859 times from 859 different sources. The songs do nothing interesting or unexpected, adding to the absolute chore that this ends up being. No atmosphere, lackluster production values, and is monotonous in tone and rhythm. On top of all that, it ends up being slightly less heavy than the bands they pay homage to. Thrash is an inherently straightforward, narrowly-defined style. And that just adds to the banality of it all.

On the music alone, I'd probably give this something in the low 60's, but I have to take off points for the nadir of what makes a band truly good or remarkable - originality, good song writing...and originality. And doing things that are unexpected. And originality. Remember, not because the album is sort of lacking these things, but because it is devoid of these things.

The album cover is cool. The music is boring. I think I've written my last review of this style because I end up sounding as redundant as the scene that breeds it.