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How a comeback should sound. - 83%

orphy, March 9th, 2005

Attention all bands that are planning on reuniting and recording a new album: Look to Suffocation's "Souls to Deny". It's a textbook example of what a band should do when reuniting; making some music that's in perfect gear to the band's previous material.

Anyway, this album is really quite good. It opens up with "Deceit", which gives a basic rundown of the album; great riffs and breakdowns, some slick drumming, and gutteral vocals which any death metal fan will be able to decipher. The bass is pretty much in the right part of the mix, and is easy to find. Anyway, back to the opening track. Near the end, we get some weird, melodic sounding part where the song just dies down for about 3 seconds... then you get served. I liked that. Suffocation definataly know how to do proper twists in their song structures.

Speaking of song structures, Suffocations are definately to die for. Everything seems to be set up so well. And did I mention a good deal of the riffage is pretty technical? We get some slightly odd time signatures, the title track being a good example. Everything is nicely layered and gives a very brutally textured, percussive sound.

Now, looking at the production on this album, I cannot complain. It's not as thick or chunky sounding compared to early Suffocation material, but it's just a tad cleaner than their EP "Despise The Sun". You can easily distinguish the riffs, which may make this album a bit more friendly to newer fans of Suffocation or brutal death metal in general.

All in all, there are really no flaws on this album. It keeps you interested, and you want to keep coming back to it. I know I've listened to it a good number of times, and am proud to have purchased it. Slap on some incredible artwork by the great Dan Seagrave, you've got yourself an album. One of the best death metal releases from 2004 ladies and gentlemen, coming from one of the best in their genre.