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Nothing special, but I expected worse.. - 75%

Sportswear, April 3rd, 2004

Well, to be totally honest with you, I am not the biggest Suffocation fan on the planet. They have shaped a lot of the Death Metal scene, this much is true and for that I respect them, but I still find them a bit overrated and are not the band people bang on about. For this reason I have never heavily got into them. Effigy and Pierced are both considered hallmarks in the history of death metal by many people, possibly true, but either way I am not too fussed on them. For this label they are given alone means that the expectancy and demand for this LP is very high indeed. And for that reason I expected it to be totally average or just plain boring.

Well, the first song is “Deceit”, it starts off quietly getting louder, some nice blastbeats and simple guitar work. Then on 35 seconds it hits you with a killer riff. Vocals kick in soon after. The song is simple, but tight as fuck and runs smoothly. “FUCK, is this honestly going to be a good LP?” was my initial reaction as that first riff was played and the song diverged on from the intro. Great middle part to this song, slower in tempo, simple drumming but a great chuggy part that keeps you interested.

The next song “To Weep Once More” starts off more simple, this is when I start to notice the difference between this LP and their “classic” LPs. This is a bit more simple, but still very well played. The song structure is simple but put together very well. Great moment just past the 3rd minute. The vocals in general are no way near as good as Effigy etc, but still good.

The title track and starts off with a sample scream which is overlapped with great growling that gets louder and louder, though this is possibly the only brutal/evil part of LP, which is a shame. :-/ The song drops in and is pretty classy. The inter change riff work half way through digresses brilliantly, great tempo change just after the 4 minute mark.

Not totally fond of the solo on “Surgery Of Impalement”, actually no, it is crap. But the song is cool. As the LP goes on, you do start to see flaws and wish it was sped up in places and the time changes were constructed more professionally. But as far as song writing goes, this LP is great for that aspect.

This LP is not going to make history, but the odd song is pretty cool. “Subconsciously Enslaved” is a fucking cool song, great groove and tempo throughout.

The solo on the minute mark on “Immortally Condemned” is fucking awful, but the switch up in style soon after is pretty good. There is something about the drumming throughout that doesn’t strike me as powerful enough, hmm, needs to be more brutally executed. The solo late on in this song is a great improvement to the other one.

The last song “Tomes Of Acrimont” starts of brilliantly, nice solo work, exceptional tempo. Possibly my favourite song on the LP. Not a bad solo halfway through. Great thing is, this song and the LP ends in the same way it started. Good shit.

All in all I was pretty surprised with this release, a lot better than I expected yet nothing jaw dropping at all and needs to be more all out brutality. When it comes out, check it out.