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Not Particularly Impressed - 75%

SomberOracle, May 3rd, 2004

I've been a big fan of Suffocation for awhile now, and when this album came out I had to go get it, even being sketchy about a new Suffocation album minus Doug Cerrito.

The first song "deceit" is really nothing special and just seems generic and uninspired from start to finish. The second song "To Weep Once More" im not sure if this is done on purpose or what exactly, but im positive the opening riff is taken from one of their older songs, I cant remember which one exactly, but its pretty much copy pasted into this song. I actually like the title track to this album, it has some pretty badass riffs that stand out at certain points. "Surgery of Impalement" follows, nothing you havent heard thousands of times before. "demise of the clone" seems decent, some of the filler riffs and transitions are good, but everything in between that gets a little boring. "Subconsciously Enslaved" has some points, but as the rest of the album does it just seems to drag genericlly most of the time. "Immortally Condemend" has some decent riffs later in the song. Finally "Tomes of Acrimony" which appearently the lyrics were written by Keith DeVito the guy from Pyrexia I suppose, its really nothing diffrent from at the beggining then about a minute into the song some baddass riffs come in. Id say the title track in this last one Tomes of Acrimony are the strongest points of this album.

Overall with this long break they took, Without Doug Cerrito, and appearently this album was self produced so minus Scott Burns, Im pretty disappointed with this release. I really wanted to like this album, none of these songs really have any riffs or solos that stand out at all, it just seems like a big generic and uninspired mess to me. If you are a big fan of Suffocation's older stuff I doubt you'll find this release as appealing, on the other hand, some may enjoy this, who knows.